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Le Yoga Journal Paris was created by Kia Magnus Naddermier who live, work, love and practise yoga in Paris.

Kia is a contemporary fashion photographer and also founder, director and main teacher of Mysore Yoga Paris  – Ashtanga Yoga Shala, dedicated solely to teaching Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional Mysore Style. Magnus is a high-end Creative Director with his roots in the art world. In 2011 he founded the photography website Le Journal de la Photographie (voted best photography site by LIFE magazine 2011). Naddermier & Naddermier have collaborated on innumerable fashion and art projects as well as award-winning yoga related publications and books. For over 20 years they have both been dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioners.


Where did the idea for Le Yoga Journal Paris originate?
Le Yoga Journal Paris is the result of an on-going process which began almost 20 years ago in Stockholm. This was the beginning of our creative work – Magnus as an art director and Kia as a photographer – and it was also the time when we first met both Ashtanga yoga and each other… Since then our creative collaborations have been expressed in many and varied ways, from books, photographs, magazines and films, to yoga workshops and classes, Le Yoga Shop Paris and now Le Yoga Journal Paris.
This Journal is a window into what is happening in our minds, eyes and conversations right here and right now. Some discussions have been around for many years, other stories just happened to catch our eye last week.
Our vision is to create the most innovative platform for quality content about yoga. We want take the discussion beyond hand-stands in bikini and smoothie recipies to looking at how yoga influences life at large, art, culture and society. We see Le Yoga Journal Paris as a visual and creative universe where expression and style meet deep knowledge about yoga and its tradition. To produce this spectacular content we collaborate with a “core-network” of journalists, teachers, artists, writers and photographers who we admire and love working with..!


You also publish a printed Le Yoga Journal Paris…
We truly believe that print is NOT dead! With our background in the magazine world we admit that our heart really lies with printed matter so we are very happy whenever we have the possibility to allow Le Yoga Journal Paris to manifest into a printed journal. We have published 4 issues so far where 100% of all sales (not only profits) have been donated directly to charity. A big force behind this project has always been to be able to continue our support for Operation Shanti childrens’ home that has been giving orphans and child labourers a family in Mysore, India for the past decade.


Tell us about your team and collaborators!
We are so proud to have our dear friend, highly acclaimed news journalist and long time yoga practitioner Tina Magnergård Bjers as managing editor. Our partner Agathe Philbé, freelance photographer and dedicated yogapractitioner & teacher who works with Kia at Mysore Yoga Paris, has also been an active part in the new structure and redesign of Le Yoga Journal Paris. We have also had help from Lisa Granclement, Jules Couderc & Zoe Chabouis all web-design students at LISAA.
But none of this would have been possible without the endless support and contribution from our talented friends and contributors who continuously pour their creative minds into the journal – see below.
We welcome you to share this moment with us and our most talented and creative friends and collaborators on our journey through life, expression and yoga.


Kia & Magnus Naddermier, Paris October 2015
Contact Le Yoga Journal Paris here
Kia´s Photography: www.naddermier.com
Magnus Art Direction: www.magnusnaddermier.com
Le Yoga Shop Paris: www.leyogashop.com
Mysore Yoga Paris: mysoreyogaparis.com


Creative Directors: KIA & MAGNUS NADDERMIER


Managing Partner: AGATHE PHILBÉ

Associated Editor: ANNE PALMER


Greg-Nardi-ctbGREG NARDI – Yoga Teacher, Vancouver, Canada

Other projects / Collaborations that you are proud of: I am proud of my family and all they have taught me. I am proud to be teaching and sharing yoga with my husband Juan Carlos Galan. I am grateful to my teachers Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and R. Sharath Jois, and i am proud that I have always attempted to live in a way thatpays homage to them. I am especially proud of all of the students that I have had the privilege of knowing through the years.
About your contribution for Le Yoga Journal Paris: This was a very personal piece that I have been wanting to write for some time. Yoga has always been an intensely personal journey that has played out on a public stage as yoga culture has spread around the world and I have had opportunities to teach internationally. It occurred to me that with yoga’s rise in popularity, and the growth of yogic studies there has been a shift in attitudes around the practice that have forced me to reflect on my own journey and evolve along with our community. It is my hope that the reflections of this article will help each practitioner of yoga to reflect on how we can grow gracefully, artfully, and compassionately as a community.
What does purity mean to you? Purity… Like any concept in the world of duality, this is a relative term. If we believe in purity, then we must also believe in impurity. In this case, then who gets to decide what is pure and what is impure? Purity is useful as a concept insofar as it helps us to realize our potential. When it is used to condemn or shame then it becomes an obstacle and must be discarded. Purity is a state of clarity.



CAROLINE WACHSMUTH – Skin/Spa Designer and devoted Ashtangi! San Francsisco
Other projects/collaborations you are proud of: Among my dearest ones, besides collaborating with you guys, is my book Seasons, a compile of DIY beauty rituals on how to take care of ourselves in each season. At the moment, I am creating beauty products and brands for different people, friends and artists. I am also working on my own projects.
About your contribution to Le Yoga Journal Paris: With Le Journal, it is only about Love. Meeting Kia a few years ago, having a heart connection and mutual passion for Ashtanga Yoga. When I moved to San Francisco, it seemed completely natural to create a personal guide to the city for the journal.
When do you find yourself most present in the NOW? It is the hardest thing… This is what I use my daily yoga practice to train for. Every-single-day. After all these years, I am starting to have blissful moments of presence. But it never lasts, the mind needs constant training…
THOMAS ERBER – Writer, Curator and Creative Consultant. Paris

Other projects/collaborations you are proud of: To collaborate with Magnus and Kia.
About your contribution to Le Yoga Journal ParisWhat are you really missing now? Said the master to his pupil… When do you find yourself most present in the NOW? Now.



ola-rindalOLA RINDAL – Photographer. Paris.
Other projects/collaborations you are proud of: Some of my early work for Purple magazine comes to mind…
About your contribution to Le Yoga Journal Paris: This work is all about the every day. Pictures which comes to me, not pictures that I have been chasing. It is about observations and experiences. It is about time… split seconds from a life.
When do you find yourself most present in the NOW? When I take pictures.


 – PR consultant and writer. London.
Other projects/collaborations you are proud of: I’ve had a long and varied career in PR. Whether it’s championing health promotion campaigns or representing clients as a financial technology specialist, it’s an industry that continues to fascinate me.
About your contribution to Le Yoga Journal ParisIt’s a joy to write for Le Journal and share discussions and experiences from my annual trips to Mysore in India. I’m fortunate to have met many interesting and inspiring people in the Ashtanga community and I hope my writings are a help-ful and informative source for debate.
When do you find yourself most present in the NOW? In the fast-paced London PR world, perhaps the only true moment of presence I have each day is in my yoga practice. And I cherish it for that all the more.



belen-valazquesBELÉN VAZQUEZ AMARO – Blogger, Stylist & Yogini, Stockholm, Sweden
Other projects / Collaborations that you are proud of: Inthemakingbybelen.com and my ”Yoga & Breakfast” events.
About your contribution for Le Yoga Journal ParisWe chose to visualise the different aspects of ayurvedic food through a series of figurative and abstract still life photographs. We wanted to convey the pure beauty of natural and organic food and the positive impact it has on the body and mind.
What does purity mean to you? Balance, to be just right in the present moment, aware, to live a nourishing life in all aspects, to bring your senses inward… so the light inside of you can shine out through your body.


 ALBIN HOLMQVIST – Art Director & Graphic Designer, Stockholm, Sweden
Other projects / Collaborations that you are proud of: albinholmqvist.com
About your contribution for Le Yoga Journal ParisSee Beléns answer above.
What does purity mean to you? Purity for me is about being true to yourself and at the same time having an open heart to others.



 – Photographer & Publisher London, UK
Other projects / Collaborations that you are proud of: The Collaboration between myself and my ex-wife. Together we produced an amazing son, whom I’m extremely proud of.
About your contribution for Le Yoga Journal ParisOriginally published in Volt Magazine
What does purity mean to you? To me, purity means a clean mind and happiness within.



linda-ohrstromLINDA ÖHRSTRÖM – Makeup artist & Beauty Editor, London, UK
Other projects / Collaborations that you are proud of: The organic beauty project at voltcafe.com i started one year ago to help create awareness and inspiration around everyday cosmetic choices. voltcafe.com & lindaohrstrom.com
About your contribution for Le Yoga Journal ParisAcknowledging that our attempts to do everything mean we miss most of it. The human being becomes a human doing whilst trying to create a quality of life by achieving material wealth. Leading to physical, mental and spiritual loss instead.
What does purity mean to you?  Honesty. In action, life and cosmetic ingredients.


camilla-davidssonCAMILLA DAVIDSSON – Photographer, Bangkok, Thailand
Other projects / Collaborations that you are proud of: Operation Smile in Mae Sot in Eastern Thailand on the Thai-Myanmar border. I spent some time following a medical team during their work to help families with children suffering from cleft lip. This is a rather easy procedure and in developed countries this almost doesn’t exist anymore. For those living in poverty, this kind of medical assistance is unfortunately out of reach. In Mae Sot not only children are treated but even young adults and older people. See more here: camilladavidsson.com
About your contribution for Le Yoga Journal ParisWhen you asked me last summer if I was interested in writing an “Insiders Guide to Bangkok” I was more than happy, I had been thinking about this for some time already. I had pictures in my head from the beginning; it was just the text that troubled me. I ‘m not a writer; words don’t come easily in writing. I feel grateful for being part of this creative family.
What does purity mean to you? That’s perhaps the day when I’m “really” a vegetarian and I practice yoga six times a week…´



perrine-de-chaffautPERRINE DU CHAFFAUT – Translator, yoga teacher, writer. London.
Other projects/collaborations you are proud of: I would prefer to mention the people or readings that triggered a transformation in my life, such as Richard Freeman, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and the writings of Khrishnamurti.
About your contribution to Le Yoga Journal ParisAround the time that Le Yoga Shop launched their theme ’How Soon Is Now’, I observed that the Now became a leading theme in other art forms. Le Journal, – avant-gardiste for sure!
When do you find yourself most present in the NOW? When I concentrate or meditate, for example during my yoga practice.

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